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The resort city of Palm Springs is located in the Sonoran desert, 54 miles west of Riverside. It is known for its arts and culture, recreational activities, and hot desert climate. Temperatures in the summer can reach 110°F or higher, so you’d never want to be without air conditioning. Thankfully, Express Electrical Services provides 24-hour electrical service in Palm Springs, so you can call our qualified, trained, and licensed electricians any time. Our Palm Springs electricians can troubleshoot your flickering/dimming lights, power surges, tripping circuit breaker, and much more.

Our Electricians in Riverside are located:

Same-Day Electrical Service in Palm Springs

We always have an electrician available in case of an electrical emergency. Able to reach your home in 60-90* minutes, our local electricians in Palm Spring can get there if you have an electrical fire, power outage, downed power line, or receive an electric shock. Be sure to get in touch with us if you notice a:

  •   Faulty electrical panel
  •   Burning plastic odor
  •   Buzzing electrical outlet
  •   Hot outlet/switch face
  •   Damaged power cord

Faulty outlets may spark or appliances plugged into them might not work at all. If you have frayed wiring, it must be replaced immediately. Old aluminum wiring may be damaged due to expansion and contraction with temperature changes, but our electricians can replace it with safer copper wiring, and address any other electrical problem.

Electrical Repairs

If for any reason you need electrical repair, we’ll send a licensed electrician to your home to fix the problem fast. We can fix an electrical panel equipped with the wrong fuses or upgrade it to a 200-amp model. Faulty power outlets, wiring, and lighting can be fixed so you’re free of electrical troubles. Malfunctioning lighting systems, indoors or outside, can also be repaired by our professional residential electrician.

Electrical Installations

Express Electrical Services installs electric vehicle charging stations in homes throughout Southern California. We offer various electrical installation services to meet your needs if you own a hybrid or electric vehicle. Once your EV charger is installed, you don’t have to pay to charge up anywhere else.

We’re also an electrician in Palm Springs you can rely on for electrical automation. Home automation can improve energy efficiency, safety, and security. It also adds convenience, since you can link your security cameras, locks, AC, blinds, and lighting wirelessly to remote controls, smartphones, and other devices. Even control your landscape lighting remotely.

Our certified electrician is also equipped and trained to install panels, outlets, lighting fixtures, fans, and HVAC units.

Electrical Rewiring

In any scenario, nobody without experience should attempt to rewire their homes. Our electricians in Palm Springs are trained professionals equipped with the right tools to handle all electrical rewiring solutions. Call our 24-hour electrician if you need help with:

GFCI Outlets

Ground fault interrupt circuits protect against electrical shocks and burns, and avoid major trouble when an appliance or outlet is exposed to moisture.

Electrical Outlets/Switches

Outlets & Switches can be tricky to install, and old ones may have bad wiring, so let our Palm Springs electricians safely complete repairs and replacements.

Kitchen Appliances

Never attempt to wire a refrigerator, dishwasher, or other kitchen appliance yourself; one mistake can cause major injuries or shorten product life.

Electric Panels

new fuse panel or circuit breaker box can modernize your home, supply the right amount of electricity to appliances and electronics, and improve safety.

Knobs & Tubes

Knob and tubes are older components hiding as a fire hazard. They should be replaced with new parts by our experienced electrician in Palm Springs.

Electrical Remodeling

Renovating your home involves a lot of electrical remodeling work, and installing wiring, outlets, fuses, and more is only safe if a qualified electrician does the job.

Home Safety Services in Palm Springs

Aside from electrical repair, installation, and rewiring, our local electrician can address home electrical safety as well. Palm Springs homeowners can depend on Express Electrical Services to install their carbon monoxide detectors in the right places, and interconnect them with smoke detectors to maximize safety. Smoke alarms can be hard-wired to your home electrical system, so no batteries are needed.

Potential intruders and wildlife can threaten your safety at any time. Bright lights can scare either of these away. Our electricians can install security lighting with motion detectors, timers, and photocells so your security lighting works efficiently. To protect against powerful voltages from lightning and other outside events, we install whole house surge protection, so your wiring, appliances, and family always remain safe.

Lighting Installation Services

lighting upgrade can boost your décor inside and out. We install accent lighting, LED lighting, recessed fixtures, fans, chandeliers, and controls. Specialized kitchen and bathroom lighting solutions are available. We’re also experienced with landscape and pool lighting, while motion detectors increase security and avoid having to stumble in the dark.

Express Electrical Services

We tend to the electrical needs of everyone in Riverside County. Our electricians in Palm Springs provide same-day electrical service and professional electrical repair. To reach a 24-hour emergency electrician who can be at your door in 60-90 minutes, or discuss financing options, specials, and couponscontact our highly-rated & qualified team!



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