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Moreno Valley, California, is home to more than 210,000 people. Located in western Riverside County, the city is the county’s second largest and where you’ll find Lake Perris and 6,000 acres of open space. The community is known for its quality, affordable housing as well as retail centers, schools, and medical facilities.

Express Electrical Services employs trained, qualified, and licensed electricians in Riverside County who can meet all the needs of Moreno Valley residents. Our electricians in Moreno Valley are available 24/7. They can address any electrical repair you need and also handle any electrical wiring, repair, upgrade, or remodel project. Call us right away and our electrician can be at your home in 60-90 minutes.

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 24-Hour Electrical Service in Moreno Valley

Our 24-hour emergency electrician is just a phone call away, so if you have a faulty electrical panel, smell burning plastic, experience a power surge/outage, or your lights are inexplicably dimming or flickering, the problem can be fixed right away. We’ll send a Moreno Valley electrician out for same-day electrical service whether you have damaged cords, faulty wiring, or hear buzzing sounds from your outlets or panels—these are serious problems!

Electrical Repairs

Are you in need of electrical repairs? If your electrical panel is not working properly, we can replace fuses, repair the circuitry, or upgrade it to a 200-amp unit. Our residential electrician in Moreno Valley can get to the root cause of power surges, lighting problems, tripped circuit breakers, and other issues. In the case of outdated components, our electricians can replace aluminum wiring with copper wiring and provide ground fault and surge protection. No matter what the problem is, we’ll send our licensed electrician quickly to inspect and resolve it.

Electrical Installations in Moreno Valley

If you need a service panel installed or an upgrade, our electrician near Moreno Valley can help. Our licensed technicians are also skilled at installing and repairing electrical outlets, home lighting (including LED and recessed lighting), fans, and HVAC units. We provide electrical installations for a variety of products, including EV chargers in your garage or carport, to power up hybrid and electric cars without traveling to a charging station.

Are you considering updating your house to a smart home? Our local electricians in Moreno Valley offers various home automation services, including remote smart locks, security cameras, and wireless controls for lighting, appliances, AC and heating, and window blinds. We can even automate your landscape lighting to make things more efficient and convenient.

Home Rewiring Services

If you need the following components installed, repaired, or replaced, our certified electrician can help make your home safer and more livable.

GFCI Outlets

GFCI outlets help prevent shock by tripping the circuit if there’s a current imbalance, such as when an appliance is used near a moisture source.

Electrical Switches/Outlets 

Old switches and outlets are less efficient, while newer three-prong outlets can help your home meet the latest codes.

Kitchen Appliances

Without experience, wiring an appliance can be dangerous, which is where our trained electricians in Moreno Valley can help.

Electric Service Panels

A faulty electrical panel can throw off voltages and damage appliances; Express Electrical Services can upgrade it to support new refrigerators or hot tubs.

Old Knobs & Tubes

These outdated knob & tube components can be dangerous and make your home insurable; have our electrician in Riverside County upgrade your home.

Electrical remodeling is another area we excel at. Our electricians can install all the switches, fuses, and electrical wiring as well as lighting to complete your room renovations and home additions. We can also install LED recess lighting, in various colors and designs, and advanced lighting controls.

Home Safety Services

Express Electrical Services can install your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. In addition to checking their function and maximizing your safety, our residential electricians in Moreno Valley can hard-wire smoke alarms. This eliminates dealing with dead batteries, which can leave you unprotected.

As for home security, our local electrician can install security lighting. The presence of floodlights can keep intruders away from your home. Motion detectors, timers, and photocells add even more versatility. Whole house surge protectors protect your home and family against voltage spikes from lightning, downed power lines, and other sudden, unpredictable events.

Home Lighting

Our licensed electrician can fine tune the ambient lighting inside your home, or install any kind of lighting fixture, including a chandelier. Our Moreno Valley electricians specialize in kitchen and bathroom lighting as well. Advanced lighting controls can be installed to increase convenience. Outside, we can beautify your landscaping with innovative lighting options, and even install swimming pool lighting, transformers, and motion sensors.

Express Electrical Services Is the Moreno Valley Electrician to Trust

Our competitive prices, expertise, and same day electrical service make us the electrician customers trust throughout Riverside County. Whether you need an installation, remodel, or 24-hour electrician, you can depend on us for excellent customer service and craftsmanship. Providing 24-hour electrical service in Moreno Valley, we can reach your home in 60-90 minutes. Financing is available for major electrical repairs and replacements. Contact us today to schedule service, or to learn about our most current specials and coupons.

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