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24-Hour Electrician in Moreno Valley

When you need repair, installation, or other electrical services, you can trust Express Electrical for immediate help in Moreno Valley and the Los Angeles Area.

Licensed, Trained, and Qualified Electricians in Moreno Valley, CA

Moreno valley is one of the largest cities in Riverside County. It is home to Lake Perris with its campground and recreation sites. Residents can also enjoy Moreno Valley Community Park, which has soccer fields, a skate park, picnic areas, and walking paths. There are also various other points of interest nearby, including the Southern California Railway Museum and the March Field Air Museum. The area’s schools, medical facilities, retail centers, and affordable housing also benefit residents.

We realize that electrical services are important for every resident of Moreno Valley. Our licensed electrical technicians are available 24/7 to provide any electrical repair, upgrade, or wiring update. They can assist with remodels as well. We’ve been in business since 1982 and continue to provide the same high-quality service across Southern California.

Our Electricians in Riverside are located:

Electrical Repairs

Express Electrical Services is available 24/7 and can get an electrician to your home in 60 to 90 minutes. Whether you have a power surge or an outage, flickering or dimming lights, the smell of burning plastic, damaged wiring, or a faulty electrical panel, our technicians have the training and knowledge to fix it right away. You’ll receive same-day service so further damage can be avoided. When you see sparks or hear buzzing sounds from an outlet, switch, or panel, call us right away!

Outdated panels, fuses, and other components are common causes of electrical problems. We can quickly find the reason for tripped circuit breakers, lighting issues, and power surges. If aluminum wiring is installed in your home, we can update it to copper wiring. Where ground fault circuit interrupters and surge protection systems are needed, we can install them to protect your home and family against shocks, burns, and fires.

Electrical Installations in Moreno Valley

Installing electrical outlets, the latest LED and recessed lighting fixtures, or a service panel requires a great deal of experience. Our electricians are equipped with the tools and skills to complete installations in a timely manner and ensure the work is done correctly. Whether you need an HVAC unit, ceiling fan, or EV charger for your electric or hybrid car installed, you can count on Express Electrical Services.

We install interior and landscape lighting that is aesthetic and efficient. Security lighting, whole house surge protectors, and carbon monoxide and smoke alarms are installed and serviced by our qualified electricians as well. And if you’re ready for a smart home update, we can provide security cameras, smart locks, and automated components for lighting, heating and cooling equipment, and appliances while equipping you with the latest wireless control technologies.

Home Rewiring Services

Outdated components can make your home less functional and increase the risk of power failures, shocks, and fires. Depending on the age of your home, it may have outdated knob and tube wiring, which must be replaced to improve safety and make your home insurable. When installing new switches and outlets, we provide the latest three-prong outlets to ensure compliance with the latest electrical codes.

To protect against shock or electrocution should electricity and water mix, we can install GFCI outlets, which trip a circuit automatically if there’s a current imbalance, like when a electrical wiring or an appliance is exposed to moisture. We can send a Moreno Valley electrician to your home to install kitchen appliances as well. They can also replace and update an electric service panel, especially if your system needs to support the latest refrigerators, hot tubs, and other high-demand products.

Express Electrical Services Is the Moreno Valley Electrician to Trust

If you need a 24-hour electrician to address an emergency or want to schedule same-day electrical service, call Express Electrical Services. We can reach any home in Moreno Valley in 60 to 90 minutes. Feel free to browse or inquire about our latest specials and coupons to help you save. Financing is also available to help you budget for major electrical repairs and replacement work. To learn more or schedule service, contact us or call 818-337-3028 today.



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