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The community of La Sierra depends on Express Electrical Services, a highly rated, qualified electrician, for same-day electrical service, installations, repairs, and upgrades. La Sierra is the western gateway to Riverside and is the home of La Sierra University. The neighborhood is known for its single-family homes, business parks, and retail stores. Whether you own an older home or more recently built residence in the Riverwalk community, you may need a trained and certified local electrician in La Sierra to troubleshoot or repair your electrical system or its components.

Our Electricians in Riverside are located:

24-Hour Electrical Service in La Sierra

Express Electrical Services is always available; when you call on us, we’ll be there in 60-90 minutes for any emergency electrical service. If the lights start to flicker or dim, or you’re not sure of the source of the problem, a licensed electrician in La Sierra will troubleshoot any electrical issue. They can repair faulty electrical panels and determine why power surges, outages, circuit breaker trips, burning plastic smells, or sizzling/buzzing sounds are occurring.

If you have old aluminum wiring, don’t wait to call a certified electrician. Loose connections and temperature stress can quickly degrade old wires, causing a fire hazard. We’ll install new copper wiring that’s much safer and more dependable. Other hazards to look for include hot switch faces, dead outlets, and sparking wires.

Electrical Installations in La Sierra

Our electricians in La Sierra can provide a range of electrical installations, including EV chargers for your home. A few options are available depending on your needs, and which can save you money by charging your electric or hybrid vehicle at home rather than a public facility. You can also depend on a La Sierra electrician to install home automation systems. From lighting to small appliances, and security cameras to landscape lighting, we can configure the system to run from a remote control or your smartphone.

Our electricians can also help you install:

Home Re-wiring Services in La Sierra

Express Electrical provides a range of professional re-wiring services, so you can depend on a skilled electrician in La Sierra for installations of:

  • GFCI Outlets – A ground fault circuit interrupter is an outlet that cuts the power if the circuit is tripped, protecting you against electric shock where moisture may be present.
  • Outlets/Switches – Old outlets and switches can develop wiring problems and become unsafe; two-prong and builders grade outlets should be replaced with newer options.
  • Kitchen Appliances – Avoid DIY hazards and the need for electrical repair by letting a 24-hour electrician install the appliances you depend on every day.
  • Electric Panels – If a faulty or aging electrical panel is sending incorrect voltages, appliances may not work or overload; have a La Sierra electrician upgrade you to a 200 amp breaker panel.
  • Knobs & Tubes – These old electrical circuit components can make homes unsafe or even uninsurable, but our electricians in La Sierra can upgrade your system at a reasonable cost.

Electrical remodeling is also an area we specialize in. If you’re adding a structure to your home, or renovating the kitchen, you’ll need an electrician with the proper training and qualifications. Call our local electricians in La Sierra who can install the latest outlets, switches, fuses, wiring, and surge protectors to ensure your project results in a functional and safe living space.

Home Safety Services

Safety is one of our top priorities. Our La Sierra electricians know how to install, troubleshoot, and repair carbon monoxide detectors and place them where they need to be. A residential electrician will also make sure you are protected with smoke detectors installations. Not only will we test them, but also hard-wire them to your electrical system so weak batteries won’t leave you at risk.

Whole house surge protection is available so your home, family, and appliances are protected against stray surges that might be caused by adverse weather conditions, such as lightning, and downed power lines. A licensed electrician can help keep your home secure as well with security lighting installations. Exterior spotlights and floodlights can startle potential intruders and will eliminate any hiding places like shrubs or dark areas on the side of your home. Motion detectors make the system even more versatile.

Home Safety Services

Safety is our number one priority, whether you need a 24-hour electrician to address an urgent matter or someone to help install carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. Our residential electrician is trained in where/how to install them and can even interconnect and hard-wire your alarms to maximize protection.

Security lighting is another one of our specialties. You can have our certified electrician install floodlights and spotlights around your property so there are no hiding spots for intruders and wildlife is scared away. Motion sensors make things even more reliable.

A raging storm can do major damage. Lightning strikes, downed power lines, and other events can send tens of thousands of volts of electricity into your home. Contact us about whole house surge protection that will prevent voltage spikes and fires.

Express Electrical: Serving All Your Lighting Needs

Aside from high-grade security lighting, we can manage any lighting installation, from accent lighting to ceiling fans and chandeliers. Our 24-hour electrical service in La Sierra includes choosing the right kitchen and bathroom lighting and installing timers, dimmers, and other components. Landscape and pool lighting, landscape lighting transformers, and motion sensors can be installed by our electricians as well.

Call a Highly Rated La Sierra Electrician Today

Great customer service, reliable prices, and prompt visits within 60-90* minutes are why La Sierra residents depend on Express Electrical. Financing options are available whether you need electrical installation service, electrical repair, or electrical remodel work. Check our website for specials and coupons to save. Express Electrical Services has electricians in Riverside County, so contact us today for same day electrical service.



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