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Highly rated in Riverside County, Express Electrical Services is experienced with installing electrical components and resolving a variety of issues ranging from faulty lighting to outdated wiring and electrical panels. Local residents depend on our electricians in Arlanza, Riverside for immediate repairs, rewiring, and electrical automation upgrades. We also provide 24-hour electrical service so customers are never left facing a night without power or the risk of a fire.

Our Electricians in Riverside are located:

Same-Day Electrical Service

Thanks to our 24-hour emergency electricians, you will see us within 60-90* minutes of your call. Let us know if there are sparks, plastic burning odors, tripped circuit breakers, faulty electrical panels, or dimming or flickering lights. If you hear buzzing from a panel or outlet, get in touch with our residential electrician right away.

Our electricians in Arlanza are ready on a moment’s notice. Arlanza dates back to the early 1800s. It had a strong army presence during World War II; in fact, over 600,000 soldiers passed through Camp Anza during that time. Today, Arlanza is a geographically diverse neighborhood with high density apartments, medium density single-family homes, and semi-rural houses.

Electrical Repair Services in Arlanza

You can depend on our local electricians in Arlanza if any electrical component or problem warrants repairs. We can replace panel fuses, address wiring issues that cause the circuit breaker to trip, or determine the causes of power surges and outages. If your lights flicker or dim, we can find the root cause whether it’s a fixture, your wiring, or an overloaded circuit.

You might notice an outlet is hot to the touch or a device plugged into it doesn’t work. Our licensed electrician can check the outlet; if it is faulty or old, we will replace it without a problem. The same goes for damaged power cords or outdated aluminum wiring. You can always count on Express Electrical Services for prompt electrical repair and upgrades.

Home Electrical Installation Service

Whether your electrical panel is outdated, or an outlet or switch needs to be fixed, our certified electricians in Arlanza, Riverside can handle the job. Express Electrical Services can also install LED lights, accent lighting, dimmers, and timers. You can also request our electrician install a fan in the ceiling or attic or wire your HVAC unit.

We also specialize in installations of:

  • EV Chargers – Our Arlanza electricians can install different EV solutions depending on your needs. These can charge hybrid or electric vehicles in your garage, instead of a local charging station.
  • Home Automation Systems – From wireless control of appliances and lighting to installing security cameras and smart locks, you can depend on our automation experts.

Home Rewiring in Arlanza

Our electrician near Riverside County can come to your home for any type of electrical rewiring job. If you don’t have a ground fault circuit interrupter, or GFCI outlet, we’ll install one wherever it’s needed. During power spikes or current imbalances, a GFCI cuts the current off in a fraction of a second.

You can also depend on our electricians in Arlanza to wire new switches, outlets, and dimmers, especially if old installations are faulty or have worn out wiring. We can correctly wire kitchen appliances, so they operate as designed. Our electricians will also replace outdated electrical panels and antiquated knob and tube circuits to modernize your home.

Whether your building a home addition or restoring a room, Express Electrical Services can provide the electrical work you need. We’ll send in our Arlanza electrician to install wires, switches, fuses, and other components. Our team is experienced with kitchen, bath, and living room remodeling.

Our Licensed Electrician is Dedicated to Home Safety

Various electrical components contribute to your overall safety. You can count on us if you need:

  • Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors – We know exactly where to place a CO detector and can hard-wire smoke alarms so you never have to check the battery.
  • Security Lighting – If the outside of your home is dark, trouble may literally be hiding in the bushes. Our local electricians in Arlanza, Riverside can spot any vulnerable areas and install floodlights and motions sensors.
  • Whole House Surge Protection – Sudden voltage spikes can cause irreparable damage. They can short out appliances or cause hard-to-find damage; a whole house surge protector reduces these risks.

Interior and Exterior Lighting

Our residential electrician specializes in all types of lighting upgrades. We help customers choose accent lighting and install recessed LED lights and other fixtures as well as dimmers, timers, and lighting controls. Also, we can help beautify your landscape with the proper lighting solutions. Our electrician can help you with pool lighting, motion sensors, and landscape lighting transformers as well.

Trusted & Local Electricians in Arlanza

We provide electrical repairelectrical installation, and electrical upgrades in Arlanza. Customers depend on our competitive prices and same-day electrical service to meet their needs. We also offer financing for electrical service and remodel projects, while coupons and specials are available as well. For more information on our highly rated company and to schedule service, contact us today!



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