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Express Electrical Services is a team of trained, qualified, and licensed electricians in Riverside County. If you have trouble with your wiring or lighting, or want to upgrade older components in your home, you can count on us to get the job done. Nestled in rolling hills, Alessandro Heights is known for its quiet charm and spectacular views. Whether you live on Washington Street or Overlook Parkway or within one of the area’s many residential developments, an electrician in Alessandro Heights is available 24/7 to meet all your needs.

Our Electricians in Riverside are located:

Same Day Electrical Service in Alessandro Heights

We are a 24-hour emergency electrician who can address anything urgent, including power outages, flickering lights, burning odors, and buzzing from outlets. Any customer can be reached within 60-90* minutes, so the wait is never long. If you find a damaged cord or don’t know why your circuit breaker tripped, a local electrician can find the problem and fix it.

When the weather is calm and the lights flicker, our electricians in Alessandro Heights can figure out the reason. Repairing faulty wiring and damaged electrical cords will prevent future problems. If your home has old aluminum wiring installed, we can replace it with safer, more reliable copper wiring.

A Licensed Electrician for Home Installations

In addition to providing reliable 24-hour electrical service in Alessandro Heights, we can  provide electrical installations for anything that connects to your electrical system, including fans, HVAC units, and EV chargers. An electric vehicle charger can be installed in your garage. This is a great option that avoids paying high usage fees at charging stations in the area.

Electrical automation is another specialty of ours. Express Electrical Services can connect lighting, appliances, security cameras, smart locks, air conditioning, and more to wireless controls. Even control your electrical assets via smartphone. Allow our residential electricians in Alessandro Heights to handle everything and benefit from improved efficiency and security, decreased energy usage, and lower utility bills.

Electrical Re-wiring Services

If you need any electrical re-wiring services, including components wired or wires replaced, we’ll send an Alessandro Heights electrician to your home for a complete assessment and comprehensive service. Avoid the risks of attempting a DIY project and allow a certified electrician to address your installation, repair, and replacement requirements for:


GFCI or GFI outlet offers reliable protection against shocks and electrical burns. It is especially effective outside, in a garage, or in a bathroom or kitchen where outlets may be exposed to moisture. If there’s an imbalance in current, a GFCI can cut the flow in one-thirtieth of a second.


Upgrading outlets and switches is a matter of safety and modernizing your home. If the demand of sophisticated appliances isn’t supported, any electrical repair down the road may be costly. We’ll replace antiquated two-prong outlets and old wiring.

Kitchen Appliances

The risk of wiring an appliance incorrectly can lead to functional and safety issues. Have a certified electrician in Alessandro Heights do the work quickly and properly, and you will get the most out of investments such as refrigerators, dishwashers, microwaves, and more.

Electric Panels

A faulty service panel can disable or overload appliances. If there are signs of trouble, such as flickering lights, sizzling sounds, or arcing, have an Alessandro Heights electrician inspect the panel or upgrade to a 200-amp breaker panel.

Knobs & Tubes

Used as far back as the late 1800s, electrical knobs and tubes have no safety grounding conductor and have a low capacity. Brittle insulation is not uncommon as these parts age, but a 24-hour electrician can replace them to keep your home safe and up to code.

Electrical Remodeling

New panels, wiring, switches, and outlets can be easily installed by our electricians if you’re renovating a living room, bathroom, or kitchen. We’ll also be there to help with your electrical remodeling needs when you build an addition to your home.

Home Safety Services

Maximize your safety by having a licensed electrician in Alessandro Heights install and maintain carbon monoxide detectors. We can also hard-wire your smoke detectors, so you never have to worry about checking the batteries. If darkness is leaving your home vulnerable to break ins, our electricians near Riverside County can make it secure with exterior floodlights and motion detectors. And protect yourself against massive voltage surges with whole house surge protection a local electrician can help you with.

Interior/Exterior Lighting

Our residential electricians can install lighting for decorative purposes or provide LED lights to save energy. We can modernize your home with recessed lighting and even help with installing illuminated ceiling fans, chandeliers, and other fixtures. Outside, we can design and install landscape lighting, put lights in your pool, and integrate transformers and motion sensors.

Reliable Prices in Alessandro Heights

Express Electrical Services offers affordable prices on electrical installations, upgrades, and 24-hour electrical service in Alessandro Heights. We can meet all your electrical repair needs in 60-90* minutes; same-day electrical service is one reason customers in Riverside County rate us as one of the best. To get in touch with electricians in Alessandro Heights, and learn about our financing options, coupons, and specialscontact us today!



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